Maitian Cloud PMS

The only Hotel PMS you need to know.


Benefits of Cloud Base PMS

1. Team collaboration
2. No setup & technician require
3. Access system anywhere, anytime
4. Constantly adding new features

5. Low entry price

Room Status

Our PMS is clean and user-friendly unlike the traditional PMS.

Easy to learn, easy to use.

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Reservation & Check-In

Make reservation & check-in under just a minute. Our cloud PMS is integrated with MyKad reader, doorlock system and self service kiosk. A clean and simple system that includes all the advance functionalities.

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Make group reservation and check-in with just few simple clicks. Our system can auto assign room for group guest. Simple yet efficient.

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More Features

What’s Happening


Team Collaboration

Teams are no longer bound to a single location. Allowing each of the staff to access into the system at different location to do their work without interfering others work.



An effective tool to reduce the needs of OTA. A advance membership module that sync with all your hotel branches.


OTA Account Receivable & Payable

Your accountant will thank you for choosing our PMS. This tool simplify accountants job by automatically calculate OTA commission and allow accountants to directly verify OTA receivable and payable account.


Stock Management

Allow you to management your stock easily. No more expire stock and missing stock.


Direct Facebook Booking

Allow your customer to book directly on your Facebook page. The fastest way to capture your customer attention with simple Facebook advertising promotion.


Manager & Housekeeper Mobile App

Small in size, huge in function wise. Owner and manager are able to monitor real time hotel status and performance. Housekeeper able to manage their assigned task conveniently.


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