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Welcome. We’re ZI TECH, and we’re disrupting the industry with our groundbreaking solutions and business ideas. Our technology has already been recognized by market leaders and our scalable business model is setting the trend for industry standards. Curious to find out more? Browse through our website, and get in touch if you would like to request a demo.

Modern Design Workspace


The most complete hotel kiosk in the market.





Credit & Debit Card Payment

eWallet Payment (TnG, Grab & More)

Cash Payment (Optional)

Deposit Refund (Optional)



We offer few different plans to suit each of our client's needs. You can rent it before you buy it.

1. Choose your kiosk type

2. Pay your first rental fees and start using it now

3. Purchase the kiosk whenever you are ready


The Benefits of Self-Service Kiosk


1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

81% of Malaysian prefer self-service over traditional interactions.

2. Reduce Labor Costs

Hotel kiosk surely can reduce the dependence on manual labor to a reasonable extent. Ex: Cutting off the night-shift or reducing the number of staff.

3. Boost Revenue

Privacy matters! Many couple feel embarrassed to check-in over-the-counter. Having kiosk eliminate this issue and thus will greatly boost hotel revenue.

 4. Prevent Fraud &


Many hotels face room smuggling by the reception staff. Self service kiosk eliminate 95% of the room smuggling issue by implement through kiosk check-in & out only.

5. Improve Work Efficiency

Hotel staff should focus on important matters that really require attention. Routine task should leave it to the machine not the human.

6. Anti-Robbery

Our kiosk has build in anti-robbery lock to prevent theft. Other than that, going cashless with kiosk eliminate robbery problems.


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